Item no. : CT-XX-SC-1
TRUE TEA (Chinese Tea) : Yabukita Pearl Dew Rolled Leaf
Qty. per 2 cups (500 ml) :
6 g.
Water temp. :
95 °c
Steeping time :
2 - 4 mins.
Origins & history :
Grown in the north of Thailand - Our specialty from a tiny plantation - Japanese Pearl Dew Seedlings grown on Thai soil, processed like Oolong, medium size rolled leaf.
Tasting notes :
A strong and interesting tea.
Health benefits & Additional info  :
Oolong tea, due to its semi-fermentation process, it has the highest amount of polyphenols. Polyphenols in the tea is said to act as the role of relieving physical and mental stress. Also contains plenty of polyphenols which can increase the function of enzyme for breakdown of fats, reduce the blood cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, anti-oxidize, have some help of anti-aging.  

It's recommended to steep tea with a covered teapot, for the first and second brewing. Increase temperature and time for further brews & to brew for three times only.
CS Ching Siyn Varieties : Oolong No.17
CC Ching Ching Varieties : Oolong No.15
CH Ching Huan Varieties : Oolong No.12
BOPF Broken Orange Pekoe Fine
BOP Broken Orange Pekoe
RL Rolled leaf
SH Siamese Highland
T Passed our lab test
ThO Thai organic approved supplier