Item no. : SS-18421
CLASSIC CUISINE CONDIMENTS : Sea salt - Pure - Thai (No.7) / Fleur de Sel
Description :
Siamese Traders Fleur de Sel is a pure, unrefined sea salt, like no other. It comes from the salt marshes on the southern coast of Thailand, where the paludier, artisan salt farmer, harvests the crystalline salt crust (sel gris) from shallow pools of sea water. Using traditional hand methods, only the lightest, purest sun-evaporated salt is gathered, so eighty pounds of sel gris yields only one pound of table-ready fleur de sel.
Siamese Traders Culinary Sea Salt (Fleur de Sel) 100 % pure Seasalt, nothing added-nothing removed Very small, white crystals that naturally form on top of the brine. These contain all the 84 mineral elements that are found in our bodies. Its floral aroma makes it a perfect salt for cooking as well as on your table. Unflavored edition and five subtle herbed variations. The fine-textured fleur de sel crystals intensify food flavors and put the finishing touch on home-cooked dishes. It can be used as an ingredient in sauces and condiments, an accent on salad greens, meats, poultry, pasta or fish. Siamese Traders Thai sea salt contains trace amounts of iodine, fluorine, magnesium, and potassium, but is lower in sodium than standard processed table salt. For gourmet cooks and others who care about food and health this salt has no peers. Its pronounced and distinctly salty taste means less is required, an advantage for those who wish to reduce their salt intake! Its use in your kitchen will enhance the wonderful flavors of your culinary creations !