Item no. : HT-XX006
HERBAL TEA : Peppermint (Naturally Grown-Leaf only)
Qty. per 2 cups (500 ml) :
6 - 8 g.
Water temp. :
90 - 95 °c
Steeping time :
2 - 4 mins.
Origins & history :
Chiangmai - grown on mountains ~800 m. above sea level. Since 1969 Peppermint been promoted as a winter crop. In order for the hill tribes  to earn money to replace revenue from opium cultivation.
Tasting notes :
Refreshing cool fragrance, 100% natural.
Health benefits :
An invigoration and mind improving herb, a great digestive that'll normalize gastro-intestinal activity, help to reduce fevers and is a great remedy against coughs and bronchial problems, improves blood circulation, relieves headaches and overall stress.
Additional info :
Peppermint is the perfect drink throughout the day. In the morning will give you strength and energy, during lunch it soothes the stomach and helps you cope with colic, and in the evening – it is pleasant to relax before bedtime.
It's recommended to steep tea with a covered teapot, for the first and second brewing. Increase temperature and time for further brews & to brew for three times only.