About Us
The journey began in Austria, where I launched my career in food & beverage,
Soon I moved to Southeast Asia and eventually settled in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. I was a modern-day explorer-adventurer, a food nut, a budding connoisseur and gourmand.
I frequently ventured into the hills of the Golden Triangle, studied Chinese herbal medicine, Chi-gong, meditation, and the Thai language.
I ate my way through numerous encounters with the local Thai-Chinese cuisine.
In the late 80’s I discovered new tea plantations in Chiang Rai, begun by former Yunnan KMT soldiers and developed an interest in Thai Oolongs.
In 1997, responding to local and worldwide interest in the natural food products and traditional crafts of northern Thailand, I founded Pommes & Cerises Natural Foods Ltd., a family operation, doing business as Siamese Traders.
At Pommes & Cerises/Siamese Traders we source a wide range of natural food products, including premium-grade Thai and Chinese teas. 
One of our objectives is to preserve and make available the “food treasures of the orient,” the natural legacy of Thailand, from the land and the labor of rural families.
We support traditional farming methods and organic agriculture in products of exceptional taste and quality.
In an effort to support the minority peoples of Thailand, the hill tribes in the highlands of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, we underwrite the educational expenses of children, providing a human backdrop for the company’s commercial activities.
Siamese Traders is in an excellent position to identify and acquire foods and teas of unsurpassed quality for your customers, as well as, for your own personal delectation. Many of the Luxury Hotels, Resorts and Spa's have been our satisfied customers for over a decade.
Siamese Traders, True to the Spirit
Nikolaus Prachensky